Thursday, August 24, 2006

Linktopia: Scribblers Edition

Sheesh, I don't check a blog for a week or so, and I miss something big. Over at the stellar Flogging the Quill, Ray has what he terms "a modest proposal" but is really a killer deal: an online storytelling workshop. Folks, if you have a WIP you'd like honest feedback on .... and I'm talking about honest feedback unencumbered by friendships, blood ties, tit-for-tats, critique group political b.s. . . . . here's your opportunity. Then scroll up for his guest post by Sheila Williams on first drafts. I felt a whole lot better reading it.

But I'm not sure how I feel about this alleged "Top Ten Blogs About Writing and Publishing" entry if WU isn't on it, but there are some links to good blogs by industry insiders (h/t Pubrants), and I found this guy who isn't shy about his disdain for La Snark (warning: expletive-filled, venomous and hilarious) . . . . Eric shows us a nifty way of organizing your story before you start writing . . . . this disturbs me so much I can't even begin to explain . . . . Bookdwarf wades into the bitchslap war going on in the chick-lit genre, as does Paperback Writer . . . .

More after the jump.

Melly's coming home, yay! . . . . the Writer Beware ladies are back from vacation and post some victories in the fight against publishing scammers . . . . . Nienke. Where does she find these games? Another 20 minutes lost . . . . terrorism has some side benefits for authors . . . . just what Nora Roberts needs, more publicity . . . . . Is horror dead? Crawford Kilian answers .

At the risk of sounding overly precious, TTFN. Write on.


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