Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gloamy Cleome and the Happy Bee

Longtime reader Thea McGinnis certainly found music in language when she composed this paragraph of WU beloved words. We had to share this, taken from the comments section of the previous post:
Gloamy Cleome woke up discombobulated. The sound of jazz music playing outside her window caused her to undulate beneath the light summer coverlet. A light but consistent hum bounced around the room. Peeking out from under her pillow she saw the plump little honey bee, no doubt flush with nectar, trying to escape the room it inadvertantly bumbled into. Staggering out of her comfy bed she went to the corner and got out her butterfly net, scooping up the bee on its next fly by. Leaning out the window, she released it. 'Bee happy' she whispered as it buzzed its way home.
~By Thea McGinnis


Blogger Therese Walsh said...

I loved it in the comments section, but I love it even more up in its own post with its own art. (You know how we love our art!) Thanks, Thea!

4:23 PM  
Blogger thea mcginnis said...

wow! my first whole blog spot!!!
i thought you guys would get a kick out of my trying to use a few of the fav words your commenters posted. glad you enjoyed!! hugs, thea ps/always bee happy!

7:31 PM  

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