Thursday, July 27, 2006

Linktopia: It Burns, It BURNS

Surfing the best of the writers' blogs so you don't have to.

I don't care what you guys think of Al Gore, but Global Warming is FER REALS. I just spent an afternoon baking in a hot oven of an office with no a/c, so Linktopia is a tad incoherent this week. Or maybe that's 'cause I'm doing it, and not Therese. Whatever, it's hot and I'm sketching.

Or maybe it's the world that's sketching this summer. I just finished reading a new post on Melly's blog, and it really makes me shut my yap. Go there and send her some well-wishes. She needs them right now.

We welcome some new blogs to our sidebar: Fiction Addiction, Man in Black, Pubrants, and Write on Write Right Now . . . . Most of the romance blogging has gone silent due to the RWA conference this weekend, but Romancing the Blog never sleeps . . . . Evil Editor on the efficacy of the word 'but' . . . . I haven't been over to "Confessions" in a while, but Sarah's got some crime fiction news that's worth checking out . . . . the insatiable Random Reading reviews Jonathan's Stroud's Golem's Eye (love that title!) . . . . Victoria reminds us that there ARE reputable folks in the pub biz . . . . Miz Snark on what to reveal, what not to reveal in queries . . . . .

More after the jump.

Iran bans the DaVinci Code (ht Bookslut) . . . . BuzzGirl's got Hyperion's fall comers . . . . GalleyCat muses on Amazon's penchant for their willingness to do everything except concentrate on their core business: book selling . . . . HarperCollins launches online writing contest in romance genre. Too bad everyone's at the RWC convention . . . . some people will do anything for publicity (ht Slushpile) . . . . GOB shares some interesting observances on the Manchurian Candidate novel, the two remakes, and historical context

Write on!


Blogger Jude said...

There was tons of blogging going on during the conference, but it is winding down now. However, anyone wanting to catch up on the conference, can still read up on any of the over fifty author sites that blogged the conference.

And while I'm commenting, let me say how much I love the Linktopia feature. Always great stuff I haven't seen no matter how up on blogs I think I am.

8:58 PM  

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