Thursday, June 29, 2006


Ah, summer.

Long days. Weddings. Heat rash. Blender drinks. I love summer, and I loves me some summer vacation.

I'll be on one for the next few weeks, beaching it up. I'm a West Coast girl trapped on the east, and the toughest part about it is that I'm no longer 10 minutes away from an ocean. This holiday is a long time coming.

But fear not for Linktopia. The intrepid Therese will be posting beach Linkies in my absence. Today, I surf the best of the writer's blogs so you don't have to.

We bid adieu to one of our favorite bloggers, Jack Slyde. He's taking a break from blogging to concentrate on being a new daddy and a writer. Can't blame him. Check back occasionally, Jack . . . . Ray has a must-read post on how good writing isn't enough these days, you gotta have a fresh story to tell . . . . and along those lines, Melly has a great discussion going regarding plots . . . . Yikes. Miss Snark blogs about the Publishing Contrarian's e-mail list . . . . . Tor editor Anna Genoese gives us the down and dirty on the P&L of harcovers, trade paperbacks and mass market paperbacks . . . .

Quantum's very smart-looking new blog (alright, I'm NOT envious) has a post on the difference between an amateur and a professional writer . . . . Metaxu Cafe showcases a compelling post on why Harry Potter must die . . . . Speaking of, bookmakers are already laying odds on who lives and who dies. My .02? Voldemort and Wormtail. You heard it here first . . . . Mickey Spillane gets his own highway (h/t Confessions) . . . . Nienke has found another ingenious time-waster (Writer Unboxed= Rude exit brown; Kathleen Bolton = Not hell-bent oak. This could go on all day).

More links after the jump.

Paperback Writer blogs about promo no-no's . . . . Evil Editor is, well, eeeee-viiiiil . . . . . Allison debunks a rumor about her productivity, and her real output still has me in awe . . . . Random Reader bites into some vampire beach reads (sorry, that line was begging to be written) . . . . the Bitches reveal that people in the '60's had really wide-set, blaring eyes.

Linktopia, fer reals will return July 20. I know, try to contain your excitement. Until then, write on.


Blogger Brenda Oig said...

The picture is beautiful! Thanks for all the links, there's some really good ones today. Have a great vacation.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Nienke Hinton said...

I think I'm getting a bad reputation... I'd better start linking to time 'productive' sites!

12:44 PM  

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