Thursday, June 22, 2006


Surfing the best of the writers' blogs so you don't have to.

I finished wrestling with the second draft of my current WIP, and it's a miracle I still have hair. Thank God for blog surfing. It takes my mind off my throbbing follicles.

It sounds like the opening of a good thriller, but the murder of reclusive UK author is as heartbreaking as it is bizzare (h/t Slushpile).

Booksquare has a link to an interview with editor Ellen Seligman . . . . check out this entertaining new blog Rejection is My Middle Name Name (h/t Ghost Word) . . . . GOB muses about an author who is using e-pub to market herself as a writer to NYC editors, rather than sell the book. . . . . Hal embarks on another terrifyingly intelligent and hilarious ramble (be sure to check out our two-part interview with him beginning July 14) . . . .

Quantum has a new look, and I'm a little envious about Eric's WordPress platform . . . . Melly posts a link to "Big Picture Writing Errors", and sadly I have a few in my WIP . . . . Ray has a good post on how character POV affects description . . . . At last! someone else hates workbooks too, and Allison explains why in a trenchant and hilarious post . . . . This is rich. At Writer's Beware, Victoria Strauss has found a literary agency auctioning their services on Ebay (be sure to check out Part One of our interview with Writer Beware tomorrow).

No jump this week.

Write on.


Blogger redchurch said...

Kathleen... I setup WordPress on my own host, but you don't need to have your own. They have a hosting service like Blogger does.

And I know you're probably asking, "But what about all my Blogger stuff?" - WordPress has a really slick import feature for Blogger users. It'll import all your posts, etc.

At the very least, you could try it out for free with no risk and if you like it, move things over. And if not, you haven't lost anything and you just keep your Blogger version of Writer Unboxed.

You can't lose.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Kathleen Bolton said...

Thanks, Eric. We will investigate...Blogger's been good to us, but it's too popular. We need performance, too. :-0

6:20 AM  
Blogger redchurch said...

Did ya ever look into WordPress?

*Poke poke

I may be taking for granted that I dive into new tools like a little boy with a new set of toys. :)

9:38 AM  

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