Thursday, June 15, 2006


Surfing the best of the writers' blogs so you don't have to.

Blogger is being good, fingers crossed. Which means folks have been able to update their blogs. There should be juicy tidbits this week.

Crime Fiction Dossier has a list of recommended reviewers for mystery/crime fiction authors to send their ARCs . . . . Paperback Writer has invented Review Poker. This is a worthwhile time-sucker . . . . only John Baker could turn a boring day into a gripping hook . . . . Nienke gives us a giggle (I'm going to steal that animated .gif) . . . . Writer Beware has updated their blog with a useful page that debunks many "literary" services (e.g. ripoffs *coff*) floating around . . . . Melly has a useful post on editing . . . . also via Melly, Rarely Likable, blog where the author is nicely twisted and amusing. . . .

More links after the jump.

BuzzGirl met with St. Martin's publicist, trends still the same . . . . Cavan muses the conundrum of writing for yourself or the market . . . . the Alphabet Girls blog about using food as a character tag . . . . Allison Brennan tells us introverts why it's important to force yourself to be an extrovert if you want to help publicize your book . . . . the Bitches take us back to the days when covers sported mullets, headbands and ripped shirts (warning: finish your coffee /tea/soda first) . . . . oh cripe, Ray has honed in on another of my weaknesses, using the word 'without' waaay too much . . . . finally, Miss Snark offers some choice retorts when someone asks "when are you going to write a real book (aka a literary snoozefest filled with big words).

Write on.


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