Monday, June 12, 2006

Click Here! Introductions

Kath and I recently updated WU with some new Box Cutters. What are Box Cutters? Sites we think can help you unbox your best writer self by promoting unique thinking in any of the many aspects of writing and marketing your work, or by illuminating common writerly traps. Here are some of our new finds:

Agent Query purports to be "the internet's largest and most current database of literary agents." Because Everyone Who's Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing exists and was recently updated, however, I kind of doubt that's true. Still, Agent Query is worth a visit. I love the "search by genre" function where you'll find 24 genre possibilities, including such rare entries as offbeat/quirky and western.

Want to know how your favorite authors got published? Check out Backstory, "where authors share the secrets, the truths, or just the illogical moments that sparked their fiction." Are you an author with a backstory you'd like to share? Tell M.J. Rose and Jessica Keener about it, and they'll put it on their site.

Black on White "is a web site designed to help writers overcome hurdles (including fear) that are preventing them from producing pages on a regular basis." Sign up for their mailing list to get a "daily nudge;" then commit to a contract with yourself and share it with the list for some peer support--and a little healthy pressure.

A few more introductions, when you click Read More below...

Lighthouse Writing Tips provides regular tips for writers, mostly related to fiction. Recent posts talk about classic English mysteries, the reading level of an American audience, and an in-depth look at mastering subtle conflict.

Publicity Hound offers "tips, tricks and tools for free publicity." I'm linking to their collection of publicity articles (I love the one on promoting your work using in-flight magazines), but if you're willing to lay down some $$, you can check out their bi-monthly newsletter and workshop schedule as well.

Not quite as brand-spanking new, but still recent adds:

Crawford Kilian's Writing Fiction site is a new favorite. Kilian blogs about the craft of writing regularly and answers reader questions as well. Have trouble with grammar? Check out his other site Ask the English Teacher, too!

TOC About Writing offers a wealth of helpful articles for writers by Science Fiction/Fantasy authors, including the ominous-sounding gem Murder Your Darlings by James Patrick Kelly.

I've also updated a few bad links:

Fresh Eyes Now "offers a frontline bookseller's perspective to publishers, authors, agents, and editors who are committed to dramatically expanding their readership. In an industry where every sale counts, Fresh Eyes Now can help you make direct and profitable connections with the people who actually handsell your books, not to mention the ones who buy and read them." Is this advice free? No. But the investment might be worth considering if you're not quite ready for your book to hit the backlists. You might land some free advice on the Fresh Eyes Now blog, though.

Finally, our last updated link:Inspired to Write has a large database of great articles for writers. Check them out!

Know of other sites you think should be on our Box Cutters list? Find a bad link? Post here with your suggestions, or email us. You can reach Therese at inkchant(at) and Kath at tenbleedingfingers(at)

Until later, write on!


Blogger Tess said...

Yay - more links to follow. I LOVE links :-) Thanks for showing the way to some cool places for writers!!

12:35 PM  
Blogger Therese Walsh said...

Thanks, Tess. I'm glad you're enjoying them! :) T

10:41 AM  

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