Thursday, April 27, 2006


Surfing the best of the writers blogs so you don't have to.

Wow, what a week. Our Erin Hunter interview is bringing us massive traffic. Part Two of this interview goes live tomorrow. If you write children's or YA literature, you won't want to miss it.

The other thing that blew my mind was Tor editor Anna Genoese's post on crunching the numbers, and why editors buy Rolaids in bulk. After reading it, I wonder how anyone gets published in today's world . . . . until I read about the exploits of this teen-wiz and the ridiculous amounts of money the publisher paid for her advance. Slush Pile sums up my reaction in a more elegant, less foaming-at-the-mouth way. Finally, GalleyCat was present at a talk Anna McCafferty gave at the NY Public Library, and unearths a few juicy nuggets. McCafferty's publisher Crown also weighs in.

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At Writer Beware, Victoria Strauss posts a letter from an editor who has had the misfortune to run across a shady agent . . . . Neinke links to some fabulous time-wasters for those who need to procrastinate an hour or so before getting to work . . . . Miss Snark reveals what it takes for her to make the offer . . . . Paperback Writer tells us who the 'major publishers' really are . . . . Eric at Quantum blogs about Guerilla Creativity . . . . Melly really means it when she blogs about all kinds of writing . . . . Ray on why it's important to print out your MS and edit, instead of working from the screen . . . . I agree with Jack Slyde regarding fan fic, but I recognize it can be a way to inspire folks to write . . . . The Alphabet Girls blog about writer's block . . . . Random Reader picks up the YA action series RUNAWAYS and can't put it down. She's up to Vol. 3 in the series . . . . Grumpy Old Bookman offers more Da Vinci Code goodness, and links to all the important articles on the latest . . . . Yipee, the new forecasts are up at Astrology for Writers. I had no idea new moons played such havoc with our sun signs.

Write on, friends.


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Virgo: The Mars-Pluto opposition in your houses of career and homebase will no doubt bring up matters of who works where. If you have been home-based, you'll have to be "out there" more. If you have an office, you'll be home more for some reason. Call forwarding will solve alot of confusion workwise.

The Mars-Pluto opposition must relate to my puppy and the fact that I must now figure out a way to work outside for half of my life. I've ordered an AlphaSmart! :) T

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