Thursday, April 13, 2006


Surfing the best of the writers' blogs so you don't have to, holiday edition.

It's been a fairly slow week heading into the holiday, but the big news is that Dan Brown prevailed in his plagiarism lawsuit. Henry Baignent and Richard Leigh, authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, will have to use their royalty money to pay for the trial. Unfortunantly for Brown, another disgruntled psuedo-historian is lining up tilt at the windmill.

Risky Regencies is featuring an interview with author Jean Ross Ewing AKA Julia Ross...Grumpy Old Bookman reviews Jim Heath's Your Dog is Watching You.....BuzzGirl has the latest release news from Penguin and Crown....Ray breaks his rule and reveiws the work of a newly-pubbed author, and like all writers tinkers with editing decisions....Paperback Writer profiles Allison Kent's experiment in viral blogging for her latest release...Writing in the Trenches offers the best distillation of the hero's journey that I've seen in a while...Jack Slyde reads my mind regarding bloated, derivative fantasy novels....

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Cavan at Blurred Line has had it with Blogger (or as Therese and I fondly call it, Bugger) and has a new link for you to update.... Slate's Ben Yagoda reviews NYT's most fearsome bookreviewer, Michiko Katutani (hat tip Booksquare)....Slushpile posits an interesting theory on the latest rash of lawsuits against writers. My view is that using The Law to garner publicity seems a tad expensive--wouldn't immolation or running naked at halftime during a Michigan State/Michigan U football game be less painful? (can you tell I don't like lawyers).... Miss Snark clarifies what you should do if an agent takes both e-queries and snail queries....the Bitches bitch about the overuse of certain names in the genre Romancelandia....Sarah's Smatterings lists the latest in crime fiction. Writer Beware offers some great advice about the difference between a "scamming" agent and a "clueless" agent.

That's all I have energy for. Happy Holidays, folks.


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Glad to hear I'm not alone on the bloated fantasy, Kathleen.

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