Thursday, April 06, 2006


Surfing the best of the writer's blogs so you don't have to.

In our quest to find good blogs on writing, we stumbled across prolific SF/F writer Crawford Kilian's blog Writing Fiction. We're also taken with another newish blog, Writing from the Trenches. They're both good, check them out.

Over at Writer Beware, Victoria continues her series on how to spot bogus agents.....the April horoscopes are out at Astrology for Writers, and again, my sign should have a stellar month. However, so did last month's predictions and none of them bore fruit. Pesky details like that won't keep me from checking it obsessively....Melly picks up where Slush God left off over the question of race and gender of authors and poses some provocative questions....Paperback Writer blogs about hooks.....Eric over at Quantum has burned off the flush from his vacation and has some interesting observations on the biggies of SF.....Conversations with Famous Writers has one with Ned Vizzini....the Bitches give us a head's up about a new e-pub Moxie Press, currently seeking steampunk (god, I'm old) and gothic urbans, among other genres. More after the jump.

Literary goddess and WU fav Audrey Niffenegger picked up a Nibbie for TTW in the popular fiction category at the British Book Awards....also courtesy of Publishing News, some HBHG news for us junkies....over at Booksquare, a deserved rant about the slowness of established pubs to pick up on the erotica juggernaut....Sarah at Confessions has the latest from the world of crime fiction....Random Reading posts a review of Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days by Brian Vaughan....Cavan weighs in on the current discussion darting around blogdom regarding whether an author's race/gender/sex affect a reader's response to their fiction....Jack Slyde experiements with dialogue....Miss Snark is completely enmeshed in her contest involving terrapins, GalleyCat, and other random oddities....CFD has the latest on ThrillerFest....I stole this from SF Writer and now I can't stop laughing....

An old friend and wordsmith sent me this link about 'spelling poems'.....Ray Rhamey again has me kicking myself over the usage of the word "with"....MJ Rose blogs about long-term marketing for writers....Bev over at Elemental Musing has a good blog on the importance of the story: "I want action...I want showing, not telling or describing...I want interaction and dialogue...and I want a damned good story, too."

With that admonishment, write on, fellow scribblers.


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