Monday, April 03, 2006

Cruel Monday

Woe to the early bird. The Monday after the Daylight Savings Time change is most henious. I got up, blinked blearily at the screen, and decided anything written in this state would be crap, so I bagged it and shuffled around with my coffee cup. Grumpy-dumps, my daughter said, you need to change your attitude. How cruel are the young, when an hour's lost sleep is a boon not a bane.

Tomorrow, back to business. Today, spirits are uplifted by the mention in Galley Cat over our rocking interview with Candy and Sarah. Make sure you scroll down. We're already dropping down the page at an alarming rate. Sigh.

Don't bother to click the jump. I'm too much of a grumpy-dump to post anything there.


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