Thursday, March 09, 2006


Surfing the best of the writer's blogs so you don't have to.

This week we welcome some new blogs to our blogroll: Beatrice, Conversations with Famous Writers, and Buzzgirl. The latter is another insider blog, so hopefully Buzzgirl will dish on some useful goodies.

A.C. Crispin provides some useful material for combating writer abuse....over at Flogging, Ray dissects POV techniques and provides some gems, as usual...MediaBistro has an interview with editor Zareen Jaffrey, who explains the difference between chick-lit and women's fiction (hat tip to Booksquare)...if you scroll down Nienke's blog, she's airing the outline to her latest work of fiction, and it's pretty impressive in terms of scope and complication....Jack Slyde has a post up about finishing his current wip (cue the applause)...Robin Wright interviews agent Pam Strickler, who pretty much reiterates that this business ain't for sissies....

Over at Quantum, Eric wonders if the use of the dialogue tag "said" is dead...Melly blogs about Slate's new serial novel project (didn't Salon already try this?)...the latest on HBHG v. DVC....more DVC goodness at GalleyCat....Miss Snark tells people that sorry! they've got to actually write the book if they want to sell it...Grumpy Old Bookman links to an article about, an outfit that promises to turn all writers in "potential JK Rowlings" (SNAKE OIL ALERT)....this is kinda random, but a new species of lobster has been found in the South Pacific. There's a story there, folks....Slushpile proves that sometimes editors do have a heart when it comes to rejections.


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I was here before and clicked on a few links and forgot myself elsewhere before saying that I really like your linktopia posts and thanks :)

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