Thursday, March 02, 2006


Surfing the best of the writer blogs so you don't have to...

Da Vinci Code plagiarism suit is keeping the writer blogs hopping. Booksquare, All Kinds of Books, Salon (free subscription required), Grumpy Old Bookman, Galley Cat...

Melly reminds us of Elmore Leonard's rules for fiction writing. Note to self: no more use of "suddenly" more Elmore Leonard news, Sarah tells us that he's received the Diamond Dagger award...Over at Risky Regencies, a debate rages between the Pantsers and the blog alert, the Publishing Contrarian, by "Lynne W. Scanlon P.E.A. (Publisher/Editor/Author)," should offer some goodies on the biz....speaking of insider knowledge, Miss Snark doesn't make authors feel any better about form rejection Quantum, Eric discusses the necessity of getting focused...Nienke talks about the importance of finding a balance in researching and writing...Astrology for Writers has more predictions for the coming year.

The preternaturally productive Paperback Writer blogs about the Beloveds....Slushpile scores a great interview with John Grisham....Candy and Sarah have us rolling with laughter over their collection of Scottish Hunk covers....Publishing News has a great article on Google's latest charm offensive to publishers


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