Friday, February 24, 2006


Since he was kind enough to mention our blog on his, we checked out Quantum and found Eric von Rothkirch's SF/F blog to be a gem. We'll be keeping an eye on this blog....Melly discusses the latest on Google Book Search and its implication for writers. Something's happening in the collision between the Web and publishing, what it is we don't know, but it's enough to have us reaching for the Alkaseltzer....This week, Nienke interviews Christian book author Brenda Coulter....Shannon over at Hook, Line, and Stinker is not impressed with Steven King's latest....
At Flogging the Quill, Ray discusses one of the tools writers can use to create sympathetic characters...MJ Rose gives space and kudos to Author Buzz, a marketing service for novelists....The rise and decline of private investigator-centered crime fiction is being blogged over at Confessions....Candy and Sarah interview...wait for it....Laura Kinsale who also as something to say about this upcoming Google Book Search trainwreck...the inimitable Miss Snark blogs about exclusives and conference pitches.


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Thank ye kindly. It's a nice little community we have. Bring on the readers!

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