Thursday, February 16, 2006


We surf the best of the writer’s blogs so you don’t have to.

Miss Snark reminds writers yet again that flipping the bird to your agent is not a good business practice...Victoria Strauss busts a few myths about new writers...Nienke posts a nice interview with author Michelle Rowan...Ray gets down with show not tell, and as usual I want to rush back to my wip and fix a few things...

Booksquare examines the month-old Folio Literary Management team and likes what she sees...Galleycat takes stock of the cover art used for a variety of Muhammad Ali biographies, and comes up with some telling conclusions...Paperback Writer has been using the Random Title Generator blog to hilarious results...Melly muses about the difference between literary artistry and writing more commercial fiction...

Cary Tennis' Theatre of the Macabre is playing a doosie today (free subscription required). This one would work well for a literary novel set in a small town...David at Crime Fiction Dossier reviews Richard Hawke's debut thriller "Speak of the Devil"...Bookslut posts a link to Kirkus Reviews spring and summer 2006 issue.


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