Thursday, July 06, 2006


Through the magic of blogging, you get to see where Kath is right now, destroying a few skin cells on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Linktopia is in Therese's hands for a few weeks (brawhahahahaha!)...but she's also already feeling somewhat lonely (sniffle).

Alrighty, on to the good stuff:

Melly blogs about the differences between Canadians and Americans after her trip to the Finger Lakes (hey, you were in our neck of the woods, Melly!). The Alphabet Girls blog up how eavesdropping can help your wip...really! Cavan blogs about why it's still cool to write on paper...and even lets us peek at his notebook. Bookslut announces the publication of their 50th issue and talks up "buttonhole books,"--the books you basically force feed to all your friends and family (fwiw, for me this is Niffenegger's Time Traveler's Wife). Booksquare whaps reporters over the e-head and offers them this breaking bit: it's not news to announce there's sex in romance novels. Doh!

More after the jump...

News from the ThrillerFest conference at Crime Fiction Dossier and Buzz, Balls & Hype. Emerging Writers Network blogs about SIU-C, which is pretty ironic, since this is the institution I just finished my master's with (and yes, it's done-done-done now). Evil Editor...still evil, and this week he provides a good reason to reconsider submitting a query about terrorism if your query might make the editor laugh. (Does anyone else envision the Evil Editor as Dr. Evil, with his pinkie pressed against the side of his lips? Maybe it's just me...) Using some nice outtakes from Kristin Nelson's blog, Ray reminds us that good writing just isn't enough to get a piece published--it's still all about the story. Writers weigh in on whether The Devil Wears Prada is really worth the $$ at GalleyCat...more about Devil at Murder She Writes!

Thanks to Miss Snark, we have another add to our Box Cutters--The Desk Drawer site offers regular writing exercises though email. Check them out! Miss Snark also dishes about how advertising for an editor can be like sending a money-baited hook into a sea of scam artists...not to be missed! Mumble Herder blogs about the difference between the short story and the novel (HT Hal). Eric is posting mini-reviews of craft books at Quantum - definitely worth a visit! Over at Riskies, Elena blogs about being glad for modern-day conveniences...and a dry spot of land! Sharon at Romancing the Blog longs for a book showing the catty side of a group of women friends...The Bitches parade a hilarious batch of Americana covers in honor of the holiday...Writer Beware reposts the "top ten signs your agent is a scammer," just in case you didn't see it here first ;) ... Agent or no agent? Crawford tackles that question at Writing Fiction.

Phew! Now that that's over with, back to Kath for some more beautiful beach images!

Dingal Beach, Ireland

Captiva Island, Florida

Ahh. Don't you feel better now?

Write on, everyone!


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